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The Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a professional and social institution being active in the Czech Republic. It is a scientific advisory body to the Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and was established as a state-funded institution of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic on 1 January 1993.

The CAAS concentrates staff of agricultural research, development and education as well as practitioners, who have been instrumental in the development of agriculture both in terms of science and public enlightenment. It represents the community of scientific and research institutions and academe in public, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The CASS especially cooperates closely with the Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The agricultural research covers natural, technical and socio-economic sciences in the field of agricultural and forestry primary production, processing and use of agricultural and forest products and raw materials, food for the population and food quality, protection of animal and plant health, protection and use of basic natural resources, land and water, as well landscaping, development of rural space as a whole, educational activities and public enlightenment. In this sense, its activities go beyond the scope of several ministries and individual scientific disciplines.

The basic mission of the CAAS is to influence the scientific standard of research and education in its sphere of activity, to nurture its continuous development and to effectively popularize scientific knowledge gained. 

The CAAS´s main tasks have been set out as follows:

  • Its role of the scientific advisory body to the Ministry of Agriculture is fulfilled by shaping the strategy, structure and prioritization of agricultural research, by preparing the documents and continuous evaluation of agricultural programmes and public tenders. This role of the CAAS is irreplaceable. In addition, it performs other tasks related to its activities as required by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The CAAS is active in the field of international scientific cooperation both on the European and global scale.
  • In its sphere of activities, the CASS ensures evaluation and popularization of the results of scientific and research activities and contributes to the use of these results in practice.  Through its publishing activity, the CAAS ensures publication of scientific and research findings and makes them available to the experts.  
  • In particular, it publishes eleven scientific journals in English. Nine of them are registered in the Web of Science database (Thomson Reuters) and have an impact factor, the other two are being assessed.  All journals are included in the SCOPUS database of global importance. Through its enlightnening and publishing activities the CAAS contributes to the overall improvement of the standard of our agriculture as a whole.
  • The Departments are finishing work on the monolingual agricultural Czech – English dictionary of terminology, which is published on the website of the CAAS, Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information, and other research institutes and universities.


1. Department of Plant Production 123 members
2. Department of Plant Protection 71 members
3. Department of Animal Production 89 members
4. Department of Veterinary Medicine 41 members
5. Department of Agricultural Engineering, Energy and Construction 73 members
6. Department of Food Technology and Technique 24 members
7. Department of Human Nutrition and Food Quality 40 members
8. Department of Economy, Management, Sociology and Information Technology 87 members
9. Department of Forestry 46 members
10. Department of Soil Science 35 members
11. Department of Water Management 59 members
12. Department of Agrarian History 58 members

Members in total: 746 

Honorary members: 72

Note: The membership status updated as at 31 December 2023.

The member´s duty is to actively work in the departments and develop appropriate publishing and scientific activities.

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