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The Academy´s statutory body is the Director who is appointed and removed from the office by the founder. The Director reports directly to the founder.

Ing. Hana Urbancová, Ph.D., DBA has been appointed the Academy´s Director.

“Our actions will aim to ensure that the CAAS continues to be the best partner to the Ministry of Agriculture and, at the same time, a modern, dynamically developing organization. We want to concentrate on developing the organization, primarily on raising the professional as well as public awareness. We will support the CAAS´s participation in international conferences, promote the academic and agricultural research in printed periodicals as well as the CAAS´s specialized departments´ consultancy role.”



Pursuant to the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Director, in particular:

  • submits a draft budget and a qualification structure of employees to the founder for approval;
  • directly manages the activities of employees providing labour law and personnel matters in accordance with legal regulations and dealing with common economic, technical and administrative matters, occupational health and safety and crisis management;
  • administers the budget and ensure the budget balance;
  • concludes all contracts to which the CAAS is a party;
  • issues and approves all internal regulations (relating to the running of the organization as well as to the human resources management);
  • secures the PR of the CAAS (public relations);
  • secures fulfilment of the tasks arising from the agreements concluded between the CAAS and the Ministry of Agriculture;
  • is responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing the Academy´s external relations on the basis of agreements and arrangements made by the Board in accordance with the foundation deed;
  • is a member of the Publishing Board;
  • and other pursuant to the CAAS´s Statutes and Rules of Procedure.

The Director manages and coordinates the activities of the Secretariat and the Editorial Department.

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