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The Board is the Director´s expert scientific advisory body composed of the department chairmen and two representatives of the responsible department of the Ministry of Agriculture (Deputy Minister and Head of Department).

The Board is headed by the Chairman who is elected by the Board. The Chairman guarantees the CAAS´s professional outputs and is responsible for the activities of the Board and Departments.

RNDr. Jan NEDĚLNÍK, Ph.D. has been elected the Chairman of the Board.

“We will place emphasis on maximizing the transfer and the use of results of agricultural research, development and education away from the CAAS, depending on the requirements of agricultural practice.  The CAAS is an organization based on individual membership of personalities who contribute significantly to the development of the field by their work. While respecting the rules that enable membership in the Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences, I want to bring younger colleagues and to promote the CAAS in such a way so that it is attractive to them.”



Pursuant to the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the CAAS, the Chairman especially:

  • chairs the Board meetings, convenes and chairs the Board meetings and proposes their agenda;
  • coordinates the activities of departments and department committees through the department chairmen;
  • awards the CAAS´s prizes, medals and other accolades on the proposal of the Board;
  • signs memoranda on the CAAS´s professional cooperation together with the Director.

Prof. Ing. Vilém PODRÁZSKÝ, CSc. is the Deputy Chairman of the Board. He acts as a deputy for the Chairman to the full extent of his powers, namely on the Chairman´s call, or at the time when the Chairman’s cannot discharge her/his duties; in this case, his representation must be confirmed by the Board. 

Board Members:

RNDr. Jan NEDĚLNÍK, Ph.D. (Chairman)

prof. Ing. Vilém PODRÁZSKÝ, CSc. (Deputy Chairman)
Department of Forestry

Ing. Petr JÍLEK
Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Mgr. Jan RADOŠ
Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Ing. Jaroslav ČEPL, CSc.
Department of Plant Production

prof. RNDr. Ing. František KOCOUREK, CSc.
Department of Plant Protection

doc. Ing. Petr HOMOLKA, CSc., Ph.D.
Department of Animal Production

MVDr. Martin FALDYNA, Ph.D.
Department of Veterinary Medicine

prof. Dr. Ing. František KUMHÁLA
Department of Agricultural Engineering, Energy and Construction

Ing. Petr ROUBAL, CSc.
Department of Food Technology and Technique

Ing. Slavomíra VAVREINOVÁ, CSc.
Department of Human Nutrition and Food Quality

prof. Ing. Lukáš ČECHURA, Ph.D.
Department of Economy, Management, Sociology and Information Technology

doc. Ing. Radim VÁCHA, Ph.D.
Department of Soil Science

doc. Ing. PhDr. Ladislav KOUTNÝ, Ph.D., CSc.
Department of Water Management

Ing. Zdeněk NOVÁK
Department of Agrarian History

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